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Jean-Paul Kieffer is a renowned Photographer and Freelance Director based in Luxembourg where he provides photographic and commercial directing services in Luxembourg, as well as throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

Born in Luxembourg in 1961, J.P. Kieffer completed his photographic studies in Paris where he graduated with a Master Degree in Cinematography in 1986.

In 1992 he began working as a stills photographer. In 1995 J.P. Kieffer inaugurated his new studio “Objectif Lune” and in 1997 he also entered the literary world when he published his first book “Book in Trouble” which documents in extensive detail the behind the scenes production of the motion picture “Back in Trouble”. He has expanded his work into TV Commercial and Corporate Directing and “Making of” films.

In 2003 he began to join photography and aviation. Next to the aerial photography he joined the Red Bull Air Race as team manager and ferry pilot for Nicolas Ivanoff.


1, rue de Schoenfels • L-8151 Bridel • Luxembourg

tel: +352 33 52 33 • fax: + 352 33 52 30 • mobile: +352 691 33 52 33

skype: objectiflune