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Jean-Paul Kieffer has had a successful career spanning more than 3 decades in Photography. He has photographed actors, musicians, supermodels, rock stars, celebrities, politicians and royal families.
His perception of photography has no limits. Talented and passionate visionary eye, you will enjoy working with him.
To get a better idea of his vision and see some examples of his work, please visit the WORKS section on this site and discover the numerous domains he enjoys photographing.
Workshop & Private Coaching
We organise workshops and private coaching about topics related to photography to help you acquire more know-how and experience:
- Inside and outside photo shootings on various themes
- photoshop
- Printing and color managment
- Lighting techniques
- Professional make-up, asw.
Come and meet professionals who will share with you their experience.
We are committed to excellence, teaching both the technical and creative aspects of photography.
Communication and strategy
Objectif Lune has for main objective to assist its clients in order to help them achieve their communication goals. In collaboration with his multi-competence partners, analyses the communication strategy of the client and helps putting into place all necessary tools. Once messages and images are determined, Objectif Lune can provide assistance to develop your corporate visual identity (stationery, business cards, business documents, brochures, etc.) as well as copywriting.
One core competence is to provide easy-to-use and global solutions for your web communication.
We collaborate with internal partners in order to offer you an extensive choice of solutions for your communication.
Jean-Paul Kieffer has extensive experience on the communication stage; he has been working the last years as Communication and PR Manager for Nicolas Ivanoff, renowned athlete flying for the Red Bull Air Race and  joined the Breitling Jet Team  in 2011 for communication and media.
Jean-Paul has a strong vision of what his job is about: effectiveness! He will offer you operational and competitive solutions to solve your matters and bring your image forward.
Objectif Lune provides you with effective and global solutions for your online communication.
Every often, you do not have time and efforts to waste on your online communication and you may feel lost with new technologies.
Our first step is to discuss with the client his strategy and objectives. Then a graphic layout is proposed to see if it suits the vision of the client. If required we can support you with the copywriting of your site. Your final tool includes a complete integrated solution. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are incorporated as well as automatic updating tools. An easy solution, which updates automatically your content without having to manage complicated content management systems.
Sites are also optimised for research engines and for execution speed.
Objective Lune also provides you with exhaustive support: domain booking, hosting, visitor’s statistics and profiles, site surveillance and well as quality control of the execution…
A simple and effective platform!
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